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We would like to extend our sincere greetings to many customers,
suppliers and customers who love SUNGWOO METAL CO., LTD.

Kitchen utensils are categorized into 'food' from human basic living elements - clothing and food.
The most beloved material usedful for cooking is aluminum, among many other materials for utensils, such as pottery, bronze, iron, copper, graphite, plastic, aluminum and stainless steel

Especially, Casting products are beloved by people which are essential for fast and delicious cooking,
because they are not broken, easy to store, and having fast thermal conductivity and uniform heat dissipation. We, Seongwoo Metal Co., Ltd.,
have the basic corporate spirit of providing our customers with the highest quality aluminum tin casting products at reasonable prices.

Recently, there are some products claiming to be unnecessarily expensive with unnecessary decorations and exaggerated advertisements deceiving consumers
with absurdly high prices, but we want to compete with them with reasonable price and best quality.

We are always trying to return our customers' grace with honesty and sincerity, so please watch us with interest.

Representative Director Lee Soon-gi

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